Liquid Gold—A Product Overview


Honey is an amazing substance that has been a part of human history since the beginning of time. Honey never spoils. Honey was found among the treasures of King Tut's tomb, and although it had naturally crystallized it was still perfectly edible after thousands of years. Honey contains trace amounts of many vitamins and minerals. It contains antioxidants, antibiotics, and antibacterial elements. It is used in commercial burn dressings for its healing properties for the body.

As a sports fuel, honey is a proven success. It has a natural mix of glucose and fructose. Although glucose speeds energy through the blood, it also causes sugar spikes and crashes. Fructose is a great slow-burning sugar, but is hard for the body to digest efficiently. The mix of glucose and fructose in honey allow quick energy through glucose. Fructose helps slow the absorption of glucose to prevent sugar spikes, and glucose helps the body efficiently process fructose.

In independent sports testing, honey has been proven to have advantages in pre-effort fueling over processed carbohydrates including Power Gel. It also has been tested to show it performs equally as them, and without the health side effects of synthesized nutrition.

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One of the key electrolytes lost during exercise is potassium, essential to the regulation of heartbeat and function of the muscles. For Liquid Gold, we use organic blackstrap molasses to recharge potassium stores. It’s the syrup left when sugar is boiled away from organic sugar cane. It’s full of great nutrients like calcium and iron, and a powerhouse source for potassium. A teaspoon has more than an entire banana!


Sodium is a key electrolyte for brain and nervous system functionality, which is easily lost through exercise. Liquid Gold uses sun-dried sea salt for our source of sodium. It’s all natural, unrefined, and has no additives like iodine.


Liquid Gold is a healthy fuel and also tastes great. We don't use chemicals or artificial anything. GloryBee, the company that makes Liquid Gold, has been flavoring honey for snacks like HoneyStix for over 20 years. We use 100% organic flavors and essential oils, so it tastes as good as it is for you. Liquid Gold is a gel you can look forward to eating.


Have you used a single serving gel pack and then wondered why it's so hard to eat during sport? Wondered what to do with the sticky leftovers? With Liquid Gold we recognize the inconvenience of those packets, and have chosen a refillable flask for our gel. It holds 5 servings, can be used with only one hand, and it’s fully recyclable.

Our refill bottles holds about 4 flasks of Liquid Gold. Our flasks are designed to last, and can be used indefinitely. The flask and bottle are made of LDPE, fully recyclable curbside as a #4 plastic.